Amc (Annual Maintenance Contract)
Retail Outlets maintenance is the responsibility of an organization. An organization is also legally responsible for any accidents caused by defects at ROs and the poor condition of a ROs can also result in reducing property values and in damp and cold living conditions.

To avoid often expensive and unplanned for repairs to a RVI elements, the adoption of a planned approach to routine maintenance incorporating regular inspection is recommended.The following advice is applicable to all RVI elements, whether new or old.

Routine Maintenance
Monthly visit to ROs
On the spot replacement

Breakdown maintenance
Assist within 1-2 weeks
Replace breakdown instruments

Why don't you get an Annual Maintenance Contract with us and relax?
We will:
Our two decades experience helps you to relax.
Attend your faulty RO in the shortest possible time.
Repair / replace the defective components on the site & gives comprehensive warranty.
Monthly visit to RO for inspection of RVI elements.
Provide preventive maintenance guide.
Provide immediate assistant to breakdown elements. (Breakdown maintenance)
We have skilled manpower with new technology & instruments.
Regular maintenance will be increased efficiency of elements.
Better service levels at lower overall cost.
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